I Am Here Here I AM

For Carol;

Can you hear me in the sound of the wind

the birdsong, the rustle of the leaves?

Can you see me in the dark cloud 

easing over the mountains?

Or feel me in the All Accommodating Space

that embraces you

and all other forms

at the same time?

I am here as the beating of your heart.

I am here as the stiffness in your joints,

the pains in your body, the thoughts and feelings 

plaguing you with the relative delusions

that cause you suffering and a sense of separation.

I am here in all forms, in all experience. I cannot be

more intimate than I am.

I cannot be more present than I am or more immediate.

I abandon no one and nothing. 

You are me and I you.

If you stop insisting I am not here

you will feel me as I am

in all space and form.

Either drop all your baggage

or use it and unpack everything.

There in the bottom of the case

you’ll find Unconditional Love

as empty Space and form

Here I AM

SpiritMuni Fluss