Leaves as Hearts/ Nature Spirit

Sitting out in the garden with squirrels jumping from fence to honeysuckle bush, an avenue they use to the water fountain. Accompanying bird song, is the sound of trickling water flowing through the fountain. It is in the heat of the day, sun blazing. In the distance, a dark cloud eases over the mountains, soon to come directly overhead, its presence and moisture heralded in the breeze.  The cloud’s bluish color is a beautiful backdrop to the contrasting green of the swaying red bud leaves. Their leaves are heart shaped, perfectly formed green hearts alternating along dark reddish brown branching stems. 

As I notice these hearts there is a sense of all of this life simultaneously occurring, is with me, accompanies me, is me, is the fullness of the field of being of which I am, all is, a part. Body is hot, pained, stiff and is also moving cooling wind, fountain bubbling and flowing, cloud easing over mountains full with moisture, all of this in form and Space inhabited.  

SpiritMuni Fluss