Nature is Healing

Abundant with life, space and form, simply Being as it is this Truth of simply Being as it arises in Nature feels invitational, welcoming and for me, healing.

I sit somewhat incapacitated on my bed, looking out a second story open window. The sun is shining, the various bird sounds of tweets, chirps, strings of melodies and warblings softly fill the space. I see a squirrel, one of the family that nest in our neighbors tree, spread out hugging the cottonwood branch, head stretched forward, soaking up the sunshine. The mountains are a backdrop to this scene, a mix of brown and grey with white patches of snow. There is a slight and gentle breeze that stirs the air in my room reminding me that I am part of this greater scene and flow of life.

The simplicity of things as they are, of Life as it is, of Being as it is with no overlay of story or mind stream is a balm to my whole being. I feel welcomed as I am, one of many forms of life, breathing, seeing, feeling, sensing and sharing this space. I am not separate here.

NatureMuni Fluss