This stream reflects on living with chronic pain, exploring all of the necessary changes in lifestyle, activities of daily living and the impacts on relationships with self, partners, family, friends, community, society, energy, psyche, and spirit. I write as a way of; releasing, connecting, and contributing, giving voice to a direct experience that can be overwhelming, isolating, unheard and unrelatable. I have read and experienced much about symptoms, treatments and therapies, but not heard much about or from those who have chronic pain and what it is like to live with it. For each of us our circumstances are different. I have chronic nerve pain due to a permanently damaged nerve in my spine that affects my low back, buttock and leg. Our pain and the reasons for it are different. It is my guess though that some of the issues and feelings are similar. I have three streams that I want to share because I have found that Nature and Spirit assist me in managing and coping with chronic pain.


Pain may include body sensations, emotions, psyche, and or spirit. Chronic pain impacts all of these dimensions.