Spirit defines the undefinable, the essence of Being, the ineffable source point of life. It is Spirit that is the ground of Being, of Unconditional Love, of All Accommodating Space. These are just words and yet when I drop into them and feel Spaciousness, Love, Essence, I also know the Truth of the statement my friend Adya once offered, “everything is really okay.” “Everything?”, my mind questioned. “Yes, everything.” and then came the drop from thinking mind into this very profound truth.

Once you are free from doership, there will be a change of axis and the energy once directed towards the object will shift to the subject aspect, to the witnessing. In the end all residues of subjectivity dissolve and the witness with them. You discover yourself as that in which the object and subject exist, but you are neither one nor the other.
— Jean Klein

I am the human you see before you

I am the mother of my children, the wife of my husband

I am student, teacher, gardener, author, speaker and the silent one

I am tree displayed before us and the earth it is rooted in

I am the mountains, the clouds, the sky

I am the wind, the rain, the day and night

I am me, I am no one, I am all

Simultaneously, I am infinity.

~ Muni


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